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All-round marking of tubes


  • Clear marking of tubes with thermal-transfer-printed data matrix code
  • Label is applied all-round on entire circumference of tube

Process description:

The empty racks are manually laid on the infeed belt by the worker. The
racks are fix in place in the processing position. At the same time, a single
tube is separated from the vibration conveyor pot and picked up by the robot
gripper at the transfer position. A variable label is printed and made available
on the vacuum unit. The robot gripper moves onto the label with the tube.
The label is applied 360° around the entire tube with a rotating movement.
The robot gripper moves up to the camera system and the data matrix code
is checked. Then the labelled tube is inserted in the rack at the appropriate
position. The completely loaded racks are transported out of the processing
area with a conveyor belt and removed there manually by the worker.


  • topex 7054-12-300 Thermal-Transfer Labelling Machine
  • Pneumatic vacuum handling
  • Machine frame with protective shrouding
  • Vibration conveyor top for feeding in tubes
  • Belt system for feeding in and discharging racks
  • Pneumatic fixation unit for racks
  • 6-axis robot system for complete parts handling
  • Software connection to higher-level customer HOST system
  • Camera for checking data matrix code
  • Special labels transparent in some cases