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Application of double-sided adhesive sealing pads

Self-adhesive function labels

Double-sided adhesive sealing pads

Features of self-adhesive seals:

  • Can be processed using machines/automatically
  • Available with a whole range of compounds and grades, such as elastomers, foamed elastomers, high-pressure sealing materials, etc.
  • For sealing housings and surfaces
  • Almost any shape can be produced
  • Project-specific adhesive selection
  • Project-specific material thickness
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 140ºC
  • Resistant to various media (oil, water, etc.)


Fully automatic topex labelling system for applying double-sided adhesive sealing pads in the correct position (with top covering of adhesive layer) on junction boxes for solar modules.

The customer places the junction boxes in the correct position using materials handling equipment. At the same time, the self-adhesive sealing pad is transported from the large roll (diameter 400 mm) to the dispensing edge of the topex 50 series label dispenser. A pneumatically operated vacuum stamp moves over the seal, the vacuum is activated, and the seal is secured. Following this, the backing film is drawn under the pad by means of a pneumatically operated retractable dispensing edge. The separated pad is then automatically applied to the junction box.