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Application of protective film

Perforated label - removable for assembly purposes

Component from the entertainment industry

Label transfer - handling

Labels on the dispensing edge

Purpose of this protective label

  • For protecting high-gloss plastic and metal parts (used in the automotive, entertainment and furniture industries, for example) against dust, dirt, fingerprints, and so on.
  • The label is applied automatically or manually and, if necessary, can be removed without trace after final assembly.
  • Punching the backing paper on the rear side makes the label highly stable and thus gives it excellent dispensing properties.
  • Ways in which the user benefits from this topex protective label include the savings they can make in the shipping process
    • Components are packaged with scratch protection, which means they do not have to be packaged separately
  • The components are protected during installation and do not need to be re-polished or re-machined.
  • Available in any shape (project-specific)
  • Available in any colour and with pre-printed logos
  • Project-specific adhesive selection

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