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5000-series CO2 lasers for special purposes

CO2 Marking lasers

Base model

       topex 5120

The series that opens up new possibilities

Nothing stops 5000-series CO2 lasers. Their speciality is
the ability to put their unmistakable 'stamp' on products
consisting of organic materials. By this means, even
leather and food products can be directly and precisely
marked without a label.

Special features

  • Direct marking of parts or workpieces
  • Marking of endless laser labels and foils
  • Can be easily and efficiently integrated into existing production lines
  • Ideal for marking printed circuit boards

Technical Data


Details of the best in their class
Output 10/25 watts
Laser source CO2
Wavelength 10600nm
Pulse frequency 0-20 kHz
Laser protection class 4, as per CEI EN 60825-1
Galvo marking head 2 axes
Beam diameter approx. 180/240/350 µm
Marking area 40x40 mm/60x60 mm/120x120 mm
Speed > 3 per sec
Type of protection IP54
Dimensions 10 watts: 800x190x270 mm (LxWxH)
25 watts: 1200x190x270 mm (LxWxH)
Ambient conditions Ambient temperature 10-30°C,
Connected load 110/230 V, 50 Hz
Power supply unit and control system Integral DSP PCB, 64 MB RAM, Flash Eprom
Interface LAN/Ethernet network, RS232/485
Digital I/O for external automation connection
Fault diagnostics
Marking software Operating system Windows98, 2000, XP, NT
Laser output, marking parameters plus various working positions
Compilation of marking layouts
Setting and processing texts
Barcode function
Data matrix function
Serial numbering function
Import of CAD files (dxf, bmp, pcx, hpgl, etc.)
Acceptance of data from higher-level computer system
Alarm and emergency OFF display