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Cable marking

Marking of cables and hoses
Thermo transfer printing and cable labelling in flag format



  • Creating individual marking based on labels
  • Type 1: Label printing and direct application after the printing process
  • Type 2: Processing pre-printed labels and application


  • Unique identification of cables/hoses during commissioning and assembly
  • Thermo transfer label printing using topex 7108-12-300
  • Processing of pre-printed labels
  • Application of labelling flag over the cable
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions available
  • Integration into existing production lines/assembly processes
Direct cable and hose marking

Laser marking

Feeding and separation


  • Direct marking of cable lugs using an Nd-YAG laser
  • Order-specific separation


  • topex diode-pumped Nd-YAG laser (approx. 16 W)
  • Protective laser enclosure as per laser protection class I
  • Marking area 180x180 mm
  • Loop-controlled feed unit
  • Stepping motor-driven feed handling
  • Sensor system for different types of cable lug
  • Pneumatic cutter for cable lug separation
  • Data generated at the laser station
  • Implementation of customer-specific data interface
Fully automatic marking of cables

Laying the cable

Label is fed from above

Label is applied perfectly


  • Flag labelling of two different cable diameters
  • Version with manual cable labelling due to different cable assemblies
  • Online printing of labels before application
  • Rolling the cable flag around the cable to prevent the label being crushed


  • topex 7000 series thermo transfer printing system
  • Pneumatic cable tensioning equipment
  • Four motions for applying the label
  • Combination of FESTO and Schunk components
Anything is possible

When it comes to marking cables and hoses, with topex you're in the hands of experts. What is more, the systems we offer for marking these components are equally suitable for similar applications that have just as exacting demands, such as marking bar or rod-shaped components.

And if you need to mark or label different product or component types, then we'll gladly help you find something that's right for you here too – using our strong line of standard products as well as our customised special solutions. We provide both advice and practical assistance. So why not find out how we can solve your marking needs?