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Workstations – designed on the modular principle

ECO workstations

Basic Workingstation

Workstations at budget prices

Our ECO workstations impress by virtue of the outstanding
value for money they represent. For applications involving a
low level of automation, they are a genuine alternative to the
other 5000-series workstations. Their exceptional versatility
can be seen in offering a choice of diode pumped ND-YAG
lasers or CO2 marking lasers. They can be used as
stand-alone stations or in an existing production line, and
can easily be expanded with our supplementary modules.

Easily integrated - modules for maximum efficiency

Impressive details and options

  • tepping-motor driven parts handling system for all-round marking
  • T-groove drawer
  • Rotary indexing table
  • Manually operated Z-axis
  • Manually operated safety door
  • Dimensions: 1120x800x1800 mm (LxWxH)

Technical Data


Details of the best in their class
Machine base Base frame made of strong aluminium profiles
Designed to permit choice of seated or standing working position
Worktop Dimensions, 780x885 mm (WxD)
Unobstructed working area, 750x500 mm (WxD)
Working height without additional fixtures, 900 mm (top of T-groove panel)
T-groove panel, 500x350 mm, mounted beneath laser optics
Max. workpiece weight, 50 kg
Manual Z-axis laser Handwheel to adjust laser height
Linear slide, vertically mounted on baseplate
Auf Basisplatte vertikal montierter Linearschlitten
Traversing distance, 250 mm; can be used with imaging optics
f: 163 mm (1064 nm) or f: 160 mm (532 nm)
Laser safety hood Protective laser cover over worktop
Configuration in accordance with laser safety glass 1 as per VBG 93
Interior lighting
Observation window, 300x100 mm
Front lifting door Manually operated safety door
Status monitored
Opening area, 700x380 mm (WxH)
Control system Microprocessor control system incorporated in switchgear cabinet
PC, incl. keyboard, mouse and TFT flat screen
Machine dimensions and weight Height with laser warning lamp 1800 mm
Width without swivelling arm 800 mm
Depth 1120 mm
Weight 250 kg