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Environmental policy guidelines

  • topex places great emphasis on protecting our environment and thus ensuring that our natural resources are sustained for future generations
  • topex will make every feasible effort, in line with requirements, to provide the necessary means and resources required for the safety and protection of people and the environment
  • topex regards environmental protection as a managerial task supported by the responsible personal conduct of all employees
  • topex makes comprehensive information on its environmental measures publicly available to its employees, customers and suppliers
  • topex informs its customers about the safe use, recycling and disposal of its products
  • topex increases the environmental awareness of its employees by providing suitable training and information resources
  • topex uses resources in a sustainable manner
  • topex regards national legal and regulatory provisions as minimum requirements and strives for higher levels of safety, health and environmental protection
  • topex has its environmental management system continually inspected by independent assessors