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Environmental policy

Our environmental policy sets out the principles of action for environmental
protection which we apply to our activities. The overall responsibility for
environmental protection lies directly with senior management and is
generally binding for our operations and all our activities at our company
headquarters in Erkenbrechtsweiler.

Our unique geographical location in the Swabian Alps biosphere reserve is
both an incentive and a responsibility in terms of environmental protection.

We regard nature, society, the economy and each individual company as
part of a global ecological system, the balance and diversity of which is
critical for the continuation of all life on Earth. As a commercial enterprise,
we acknowledge our particular responsibility for the preservation of our
natural environment.

We firmly believe that the sustainable use of natural resources such as
water, air and earth as well as flora and fauna must be ensured by means
of economic instruments and that we must work together to make
continuous improvement in this regard.