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Fully automatic marking of cable lugs


Cable lugs are supplied to the marking station from a roll by way of a loop-controlled feed unit. There, an Nd-YAG laser carries out direct marking, after which the lugs are separated in accordance with purchase order data. The cable lugs are used to mark the cable harnesses for the Eurofighter.


  • topex diode-pumped Nd-YAG laser (approx. 16 W)
  • Protective laser enclosure as per laser protection class I
  • Marking area 180x180 mm
  • Loop-controlled feed unit
  • Stepping motor-driven feed handling
  • Sensor system for different types of cable lug
  • Pneumatic cutter for cable lug separation
  • Data generated at the laser station
  • Implementation of customer-specific data interface
Marked cable lugs
Laser marking cell