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High temperature marking

Marking with Labelase®
A ground breaking innovation for
direct and indirect marking with
barcodes or plain text. Extremely
durable, exceptionally distinctive and
heat resistant up to 1000°C and

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Hot tip (not only) for steel

Manufacturing processes in which high workpiece and/or ambient temperatures prevail impose exacting demands on the marking of parts. Until now, temperatures in the range above 400°C presented particular problems. Thus, for example, direct marking by embossing or stamping is the usual process in the production of steel. While these markings are exceptionally durable, they are in many cases difficult to read.

Improving on the conventional method, we now offer an entirely new and revolutionary marking method with a number of unique advantages – Labelase®. Developed in the USA by our experienced associate Infosight. Now available in Europe. Exclusive to topex.

Simply stay cool – even when it gets hot!