Renewable energy

Labelling systems for the "regenerative energy industry"

Whether it's solar or wind energy, hydroelectric power, bioenergy or geothermal energy – the share of renewable energy in the world-wide energy mix is continually on the increase and has now passed the 10 % mark in German for the first time. Approximately 300,000 employees are currently working in this pioneering industry. And the trend is positive.

Reliable marking plays an important role in the production of the corresponding systems and their diverse assemblies and components. Rating plates on the finished parts provide information on their technical data. Production signs and special functional labels provide for increased safety and efficiency in the production process.

Regardless of which parts must be marked, how difficult the production process and how extreme the operating conditions of the final product may be – topex offers the right solution. For sustainable success in a booming industry.

Applying labels to solar panels

Marking solar panels within a production line.



Application of double-sided adhesive sealing pads

Application of double-sided adhesive sealing pads (with top covering of adhesive layer) on junction boxes for solar modules, using a fully automatic topex labelling system.