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KE 28 XX – the do-in-all printer

For printing rolls of tags

Discover an unexpected potential

The KE 28 XX is a compact printing unit designed to print endless rolls of metal tags. In this case, the white coated tags are printed by means of a focused, moving CO2 laser beam. The entire bandwidth of the graphics and lettering usually associated with a PC can be used. A design software program supplied with the printer enables the user to formulate corresponding tag layouts.

The tags produced in this way are suitable for use in acidic and hot ambient conditions. Made of stainless steel, the 0.2 mm thick tags are provided with a special colour coating and the requisite holes and breaking points before leaving the factory. The KE 28 XX is available in a choice of two output stages (25 and 50 W) and printing widths (76 and 102 mm) for different levels of productivity.

Technical Data


Details of the best in their class
Marking method Pulsed CO2 Laser Beam (25W or 50W) Laser Class 1
Output Typ KE 2852 = 25 watts
Typ KE 2856 = 50 watts
Printing width 76 mm or 102 mm
Marking speed KE 2852 max. 2,4 sec/ 57 cm2
KE 2856 max. 1,3 sec/ 57 cm2
Print resolution approx. 250 dpi
Laser life 15.000 Operating hours
Configuration Stepping motor for conveying tags,
1 Galvo mirror
right-hand design
Label recognition Optical, via photoelectric barrier at the indentation
in the endless strip of tags
Printer control Microprozessoren-Steuerung
Interfaces RS 232, 0-Modem, Ethernet, USB 2.0
Character sets all Windows background colours
Inverse printing, mirrored printing
Lettering, barcodes, logos turned 90°/180°/270°
Barcodes 2/5 interleaved
2-D-Codes Datamatrix
Software Labelase Producer, Windows graphics program (also as hardware interface) included
Dimensions 685x1300x381 mm (LxHxW)
Weight 50 kg
Electrical data Voltage: 120 V, Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
Transformator for 440 V, 380 V, 220 V optional extra
Media dimensions
Max tag width 76 mm (3 inch) oder 102 mm (4 inch)
Max. backing paper width 70/120/170 mm
Transfer foil length max. 1000 m
Core diameter (transfer foil) 25,4 mm
Ambient conditions
Temperature 5-35°C
Atmospheric humidity 10-90%