... really unique
In the Labelase® 1000 and KE28XX,
we offer two different systems for
printing rolls of tags.

Re: Product descriptions ...
With five grades of tags, we cover the
extensive range of requirements for
high temperature marking.

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Direct method
Maximum flexibility and the feasibility
of reliably marking materials which,
until now, could not be marked.

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Labelase® –
a new dimension in high
temperature marking

This entirely new process is based on a special colour coating which, having been dried by a laser beam, is transformed into a colour transfer. The contrast produced in this way is 90%, thereby assuring reliable identification even from a considerable distance. Depending on the coating, the marking itself is resistant to temperatures in excess of 1000°C. The Labelase® process can be used specifically for direct marking or for marking tags.

  • Large components or products which do not permit the use of a tag or label are marked directly. Steel, cast iron, aluminium, ceramics and glass can be marked in this way
  • Alternatively, prefabricated tags can be made which are printed by special marking lasers and attached or welded to the workpiece

Typical industries and applications:

  • Steel manufacture
  • Hot shaping
  • Galvanizing
  • Hardening
  • All forms of heat treatment