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Fully automatic marking of printed circuit boards


The printed circuit boards are transferred to the topex printed circuit board marking system by an upstream conveyor, stopped in a predetermined position by a buffer, and tensioned pneumatically from below. The X/Y coordinate system places the printed circuit board in the marking position under the laser. After marking, the camera check-reads the marked code. The printed circuit board is then transferred to another conveyor belt for further processing. The printed circuit boards consist of a number of panels.


  • topex 15-watt Nd-YAG marking laser
  • Stepping motor-driven X/Y axis gantry: stroke 430x400 mm
  • Data provided by a higher-level control system
  • Communication with the conveyor system by way of an SMEMA interface
  • Camera check reading
  • Alignment (adjustment) by the X/Y coordinate system in accordance with the positioning marks on the printed circuit board
Printer separation unit
Printed circuit board in processing position on X/Y coordinate table