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LM 5400 labelling module

Unqualified versatility

Our efficient module for flexible label handling meets the
most demanding requirements in terms of reliability,
durability and security. Ideal for continuous industrial use in
multi-shift operations.

Impressive capabilities

  • Production of pre-punched laser labels
  • Marking of endless foils from roll to roll
  • Electric rotary cutter for the production of individual labels and sets of rating plates
  • A vacuum chamber below the labelling area ensures the utmost precision in that the label material lies flat
  • Foil-saving mode - material return at the O-level
  • Software module for separating large labels (> 120 mm)
  • Software module for optimising waste material
  • External unreeling and reeling for large rolls up to 300 mm in diameter

Technical Data


Details of the best in their class
Configuration Label unreeling mechanism with integral loop control
Adjustable label strip guide
Vacuum chamber for locating label material
Vacuum chamber adjustable to label size Stepping motor
Foil conveyor Stepping-motor
Vacuum strip with return function
Positioning accuracy ± 0,2 mm
Dimensions 500x250 mm (LxW)
Weight: 21 kg
Foil reel dimensions Core diameter: 40/76/100 mm

Max. outer diameter:
  • 180 mm (LM5202)
  • 300 mm (large roll)
  • Other sizes available on request
Max. label width: 120 mm
Bar width for synchronization: 2 mm
Foil material Colour change foil
Uninterrupted feed foil
Pre-punched or endless
Electrical data Voltage: 24 V
Ambient conditions Temperature: 5-45 °C
Atmospheric humidity: 10-90%
Label recognition Optical, by photoelectric barrier
Automatic label synchronization
Monitoring systems End of foil
Foil jam
Vacuum monitoring
Vacuum generation Integrated into external welding smoke extraction system
Options Electric rotary cutter
Pneumatic cutter for special applications
Driven roll-to-roll mechanism
Sensor for individual label recognition
Vacuum adapters for materials of different widths