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Automotive industry

Marking of bodies in white before the painting and assembly process


Separating RFID labels using a magazine; feeding them to the RFID reading/writing station; inscribing the RFID label using a laser; feeding and applying the label using a fixing element for vehicle bodies; transferring the label/fixing element combination to a robot


  • 2x redundant complete topex systems per assembly line
  • Destacking magazines can be changed quickly
  • topex 9100 six-axis robot
  • UHF RFID reading/writing unit
  • topex 5120 CO2 marking laser
  • Camera system for checking information in clear type
  • Oscillating conveyor for separating fixing elements
  • Pneumatic assembly unit for label and fixing element
  • Customer data connection for writing and laser information
  • Use of standardised Siemens PLC modules
  • Control of complete system in question via Siemens S7, visualisation via IPC
Marking cell
topex Robi 9100