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Dispensing and checking of membranes

Membrane in cavity

Membrane ready in dispenser

Labelling and aligning station


  • Applying membranes in a plastic housing
  • Application accuracy +/-0.2 mm
  • Flow checking plus subsequent OK/not OK Discharge


  • Motorised four-station rotary indexing table
  • topex 50/50/200 labeller
  • Workpiece carrier change system to accommodate different product types
  • Processing of membranes with 10 mm diameter
  • Pneumatically operated label handling
  • Pneumatic membrane centring equipment for maximum application accuracy +/-0.2 mm
  • Flow checking by means of Ateq D520 flow checking device
  • Pneumatic pick & place handling for automatic removal of not OK parts by means of vacuum exhauster
  • Machine frame with safety light curtain