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topex label Center live on your desktop!
topex Label Center as 3D-model

front page topex flyer
Welcome to the digital world of marking.

Discover the topex Label Center using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
All you need is the current topex labeling systems Flyer (Download see below) and your Android smartphone.

1. Insert the printed flyer with the front flat in front of you on the table
2. Launch the app from the Google App Store
Link: topex AR app
3. Align your smartphone on the flyer
4. Discover the Label Center

Enjoy watching the 3D model!


Automatic marking of steel coils (slit coils)
Label handling with vacuum stamp
topex thermo transfer labeling machine
From one of Europe's largest service center in the flat steel segment, steel coils (slit strip) with a diameter 700mm - 2000mm, height min. 20mm, are marked with a fully automatic topex thermal transfer labeling machine.

The slit strips are held together by one or more straps, are transported on a conveyor belt and are stopped at the topexthermo / transfer labeling (labeling) system. The stop position, independent of the diameter, is always centric.
A signal from the on-site PLC sends a "part in position" signal and variable print data is transferred from the measuring program to the topex printer. Then the label is printed and pushed onto the vacuum stamp.

The vacuum at the stamp of the topex label handling is moved away by a robot "topex Robi 9100", from the dispensing edge upwards, vertically and towards the strap. A color- and distance sensor recognizes the bottom strap. The label with the format of 184 x 20mm is then applied to the strap and then pressed against the curved surface.
In the last step, the handling moves back to home position and sends an enable signal to the PLC. The coil is then transported out of the labeling station.

CIMES Peking 18.6.2014 – 22.6.2014
topex marketing manager Markus Sterr with distribution partner PCA
topex demonstration system
10 years topex GmbH - PCA automation.
Since 2004, the company PCA Automation is responsible for service and sales for the topex products in the Chinese market with its headquarters in Beijing. On the CIMES in Beijing also a part of topex product range was presented at the PCA booth.
The CIMES is one of the largest engineering fairs in Asia, with about 150,000 visitors in five days of the fair.

topex and SICK developing the Label-Center 
topex robot-gripper with lasered RFID-label
read/write process of the RFID label  with a RFU630
topex labelcenter
topex labelcenter with laminating plant
In the automotive industry a 100% traceability is a must. That is why on the production line, every car must be identified and the information of every work step has to be saved directly on it. The RFID-Label-Center, developed by topex for a German car manufacturer, marks the car body with optical and digital information and transforms it into an "intelligent" participant in the production process.

Precise reading of data despite high temperatures and paint

The most important criteria for this application is that the label won´t lose the data at high temperatures and after painting, so that the frame can be identified throughout the complete production process. In order to accomplish this, a heat resistant RFID-label is used. The RFID-Labelcenter writes the data on the RFID chip of the Label and also applies a PIN on the label through laser marking, for backup.

topex and SICK developing the Label-Center

topex, as an manufacturer of equipment for marking and identification of products and work pieces has developed, together with SICK, the appropriate Labelcenter.  A topex-robot takes the RFID-Label out of a magazine and hands it over to the RFID-read/write-station RFU 630 from SICK. The RFU 630 applies all the variable, vehicle specific data on the RFID transponder and checks the parameters, field intensity and RSSI-level. Faulty parts get placed in a separate box and the correct labels get forwarded to the next station.

The RFID data is supplied via PROFINET by a higher level controller. In the next step a laser applies the vehicle specific information on the label, using a perforation technique, as a backup. This technique ensures 100% readability after the vehicle went through the paint shop.

As a last step, a vibrating conveyor supplies a plastic-clip which gets attached to the label.
A number of topex-Labelcenters are working dependably in 3-shift operation in Germany, China and Mexico.

topex at Automatica 2012 in Munich
topex at Automatica 2012 in Munich
The industrial part marking specialist, based in Erkenbrechtsweiler in the Swabia region of Germany, was once again represented at Munich's international trade fair for automation technology. This time, Automatica was held from 22nd to 25th May, 2012.

Taking place every two years, the fair has made a name for itself as an international marketplace for automation technology and robotics. Aside from the annual Motek trade fair, Automatica provides topex with the company's biggest platform for showcasing the range of products it has to offer.

topex presented the industrial marking solutions it provides, including not only the successful topex 7100 generation of thermo transfer labelling machines for fully automatic printing and labelling applications, but also a brand-new, ultra-compact CO² laser marking system. Thanks to its exceptionally space-saving size, this system can be integrated into virtually any existing production or packaging line. New innovations in the field of labels and self-adhesive stamped parts for industrial applications also captured the interest of the industry specialists in attendance at the fair.

Sales manager Markus Sterr indicated how pleased he was to have made so many excellent contacts at the fair, and particularly those involved with the automotive industry and its component suppliers.