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E-mobility – labelling machines for insulating foils

E-mobility is the hot topic in the automotive industry and among automotive suppliers. Many manufacturers have concrete goals for the changeover to purely electric vehicles within the next few years or decades.

For topex, this opens up new markets and poses new challenges. In battery assembly, for example, different labelling applications need to be used.
Reliable marking and labelling play a key role in the manufacture of these systems and their various assemblies and components. Rating plates on the finished parts provide information about their technical data. Special self-adhesive functional labels such as insulating foils and compression pads ensure the economic efficiency of the production process.

No matter which parts need to be marked, how difficult the manufacturing processes or how extreme the operating conditions might be for the end products, topex offers the right solution – for lasting success in a booming industry.

Labelling machine for insulating foils

  • Application of insulating foils of variable length on battery modules with tolerance of +/-0.5 mm
  • Cutting and separating of foil sections using CO2 laser


  • Fully automatic topex labelling machine
  • Label handling with two linear axis movements for applying the label to the product
  • Pneumatically retractable dispensing edge
  • 20 W CO2 laser for cutting the foil to the corresponding length