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Cooperation between school and business

Representatives from the Stuttgart Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Karl-Erhard-Scheuffelen Realschule secondary school in Lenningen and topex GmbH from Erkenbrechtsweiler met to jointly sign an agreement regarding a training partnership on 4 April 2019.

The cooperative venture is designed to introduce school pupils to a variety of careers by means of practical training projects and offer them orientation regarding their career choices.

The agreement, which was originally concluded between the Baden-Württemberg federal state government and business representatives on 4 November 2008, aims to ensure that every secondary school in Baden-Württemberg establishes and maintains a partnership with business. Partnerships can also be formed with multiple companies or vocational institutions.

This initiative is supported by the Stuttgart Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In times of skills shortage, the participating companies have the opportunity to make contact with school pupils at an early stage to tell them more about apprenticeship opportunities.  

This leads to a classic "win-win" situation for the pupils and the companies involved.

topex has been offering an apprenticeship as a Mechatronic Engineer jointly with the Bildungszentrum der Region Stuttgart (GARP) (Stuttgart Regional Training Centre) in Plochingen for many years. The apprenticeship lasts 3 ½ years.

Mechatronic Engineer is the job title of a recognised apprenticed profession in the commercial sector. The job title, with the combination of mechanics, electronics and IT, describes a marriage of the technical disciplines of mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology.

The machines and systems for automatic component identification, developed and built by topex in Erkenbrechtsweiler in Germany and used worldwide, require a high degree of technical know-how. Since these activities require both mechanical and electronic knowledge, this type of apprenticeship is ideal for a career at topex.

Among the tangible benefits of the agreement between the secondary school in Lenningen and topex GmbH are plant visits which give pupils some first impressions of the company. They also bring pupils into contact with topex apprentices. For interested pupils, an internship offers the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of the company and the apprenticeship. In order to meet potential interns and apprentices, and to inform female pupils about technical careers, topex is planning a Careers Day and a Girls' Day.