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Laser marking system with 4-station rotary indexing table

topex developed a laser marking system with rotary indexing table for marking hand-held transmitters for one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality garage door drives. This topex marking system consists of a separate place for assembling the hand-held transmitter in front of the rotary table for manual insertion/removal of the housing.

The 4 stations of the rotary indexing table are as follows:

  • Insertion/removal of the housing
  • Testing
  • Marking
  • Programming

The manual rotary indexing table with pneumatic lockout in the machining position is rotated in a clockwise direction. The component holders consist of 4 working areas so that the housing of the hand-held sensors can be inserted in the current processing status.

At the workstation in front of Station 1, the operator can view the processing status of the hand-held transmitter on a 17" screen using control software, in order to separate out NOK parts and pack OK ones. A customer-specific label is created for each multipack on a connected desktop printer at the operator's request.

Station 2 has a working area with automatic actuation of the hand-held transmitter for testing. The LED (colour sensor) is tested, checked and the previously created serial number transmitted to the testing instrument provided on site by the customer.

At Station 3, the housing is marked in the form required by the customer with a TruMark 3020 YAG laser. The mark is applied to the product with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm while the machine is in an idle state. The direct marking procedure used is the colour change method.

At Station 4, the PCB firmware and the serial numbers of the transmitters' control PCBs, which have not yet been installed, are programmed via the control unit provided by the customer.