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Plastic bucket labelling

topex label printing and dispensing system


  • Labelling oval buckets of different sizes (2.5 - 10 l capacity)
  • Processing label formats of 100 x 70 mm to 200 x 300 mm
  • Imprinting a range of data for pre-printed labels
  • Printing data provided in PDF format
  • Integration into existing transport line


  • topex 2500-7100 special labelling machine with large roll unwinding and vacuum conveyor
  • Transfer of PDF printing data and printing on existing area
  • Printing and dispensing of entire label onto a vacuum conveyor
  • Transportation of label to sensor-monitored transfer position
  • Bubble and crease-free application of label around the bucket circumference thanks to rake on vacuum conveyor
  • Processing a whole range of different label formats without the need for conversion