Application of double-sided adhesive spacers

to prismatic battery cells – flexible and fast

Double-sided adhesive spacers are applied to the prismatic battery bodies to ensure a defined distance between two battery cells. 

The topex labelling unit is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. Since the actual battery cells are produced in different formats, the lengths of the corresponding spacers also change. The solution is an endless roll of spacers, which is cut to the appropriate size inline as part of the process. A special CO2 laser with a corresponding cutting head is used for this purpose. The separated spacer sections are then transferred to the battery body via a two-axis pick-and-place linear handling system with an integrated vacuum suction plate. This technology achieves the required cycle time of approx. 3 seconds. An online splicer with upstream material storage ensures continuous operation without downtime.

Customer benefits

  • Flexible use of the system for different battery types
  • Virtually all materials and rolls can be processed
  • No contamination due to contactless laser cutting
  • No need to change the rolls due to the use of endless foil
  • No downtime thanks to the online splicer with material storage


    • Motorised label roll unwinding for cross-wound rolls
    • Motorised backing paper winding
    • Material transport – servomotor-operated
    • Motor-retractable dispensing edge for variable production
    • Servomotor-operated pick-and-place handling system 
    • 20 W CO2 cutting laser with cutting head
    • Automatic online splicer with material storage
    • Siemens S71500 controller

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