iButton placement


  • Separation
  • Feeding and reading of iButtons
  • Automatic dispensing of the iButton onto a double-sided adhesive pad
  • Separation and feeding of plastic bottles 
  • Application of the combined iButton/pad to a precise position on the bottle
  • Position measurement of the iButton on the bottle



  • Feeding of 4000 iButtons into the feed bunker
  • Separation in a bowl feeder
  • Feeding of the iButtons into the monitoring station in the correct position
  • Reading the data and checking plausibility with the database
  • Selection and rejection of non-functional or faulty iButtons into a collecting vessel with counter checking of rejects        
  • Detachment of the liner from the double-sided adhesive pad
  • Feeding of the iButton to the adhesive pad
  • Separation, feeding and alignment of the bottles
  • Separation of the combined iButton/pad and automatic affixing to the bottle
  • Presence verification and position measurement of the iButton on the bottle
  • Rejection of bottles from the presence verification and position measurement system with counter checking of rejects
  • HMI with customer-specific interface
  • ID card reader with assignment of authorisation groups
  • Siemens S7-315 central processing unit with IPC 477

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