Labels and transfer foil

Everything you need – in the best quality

The right material for your application

It all depends on the application area – with topex as a professional partner for your labelling needs. The "topex label scout" works with you to find and approve the ideal material specification and design for labelling your products.

No matter what the task – self-adhesive labels or functional components; automatic or manual processing: we provide our customers with competent support and are there for them at all stages, from sampling to series delivery.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are professionals in all industries, and our extensive product portfolio makes us an indispensable partner for all your labelling queries.

Everything you need - in the best quality

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high quality standard and special labels as well as transfer foils. First-class products with a wide variety of application-specific properties – for every requirement and almost all branches of the technical industry.

Perfect solution for numerous applications
When it comes to functional labels, we develop individually tailored complete solutions for our customers. From the tailor-made label to the application-specific adhesive to the complete technology for attaching and removing the label. The range of applications is almost limitless.

Our comprehensive product range
for high quality labelling


QualityTemperature rangeResistanceApplication areaNote
Standard, chromo, thermal
-20 – +80°CLimitedSimple labellingLow cost option
Non-permanent labelling
PE/PP-20 – +80°CHigh: to moisture, chemicals, cleaning agentsAll industriesGood resistance
Very good print image
Good price/performance ratio
PVC-20 – +90°CHigh: to moisture, chemicals, cleaning agents, weatheringAll industriesSuitable for outdoor applications
PET-40 – +150°CHigh: to moisture, chemicals, cleaning agents, temperatureAll industries, automotiveVery high mech. strength and hardness
For resilient permanent labelling
Polyimide-4 – +300°CHigh: to moisture, chemicals, cleaning agents, temperatureAll industriesGood dimensional stability
Laser foils
  Colour change
+260°C for brief periods
Very high: to moisture, chemicals, cleaning agents, temperatureAll industriesVery high resistance
for resilient labelling
Zero emissions marking (colour change)
Special materials/
functional labels
 Depends on applicationE.g. paint or surface protection,
Process support