RFID labels/ smart labels

Function-controlled process sequences

RFID labels are equipped with the right inlay to make them suitable for a wide range of applications in the industrial, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors.

With RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, data is transmitted via a radio link to the data chip integrated in the label. "Visual contact" between the read/write system and the RFID label is not necessary.

At topex, RFID labels are designed to take into account sources of interference, ranges, radio frequencies and other influencing factors, such as the adhesive substrate and ambient conditions.

The requirements of the label can be optimised to match your application scenario.


Designs for all frequency ranges
  • As self-adhesive labels on a roll for automatic application with topex 7000 RFID label dispensing systems. Precisely cut to various formats. The choice of adhesive depends on the project – it is customised for your process, e.g. even for difficult adhesive substrates made of metal.
  • As self-adhesive thermal transfer or laser printable labels on a roll with integrated RFID chip and antenna. This allows the variable data to be displayed visually. It supports process security, for example in the case of data loss within the RFID chip. Printable and writable with topex 7000 RFID printing and labelling systems. The printable face material is customised for your process and is available as a cost effective paper version, e.g. for logistics processes, or as a hard-wearing foil version, e.g. for rating plates in the automotive industry.


RFID labels have become indispensable in industry in the fields of automation, control and process optimisation, as well as in logistical processes such as container tracking and completeness checks. They are particularly practical for bulk registration of complete deliveries or larger packaging units. Furthermore, these labels are also useful in other areas where identification without visual contact is necessary.

Process examples for self-adhesive RFID labels

Tamper-proofing for the pharmaceutical sector – TTR printable
UHF transponders for the automotive industry
RFID solution for logistics and packaging, e.g. bulk registration