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Quality policy

High quality products are a key element in the success of any business.
Quality is an important factor in purchasing decisions and makes us a reliable
partner for our customers. We are committed to protecting and strengthening
the reputation and success of our company and we strive to completely fulfil
all customer requirements. With regard to the quality of our products, this

  • An established and flexible organisation
  • Qualified personnel
  • Error-free parts and materials from our suppliers
  • Quality-driven, customer-oriented processes throughout the entire company
  • Quick response to negative deviations
  • Optimal after-sales customer support
  • Adherence to quality guidelines, including by our subcontractors and suppliers

It is the combined responsibility of all our employees to safeguard and
continue to improve quality in a targeted manner. This requires conscious
engagement and active collaboration across departments and roles.
Company management bears the overall responsibility for quality.

Our aim is to provide customers with optimum advice and support prior to
purchase, during manufacturing and after delivery and to ensure that our
products meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The Quality and Environmental Management Officer has the ability and
autonomy to establish, implement and develop our Quality and Environmental
Management System.

All employees are informed of the binding nature of these principles and their
tasks. They are collectively responsible for achieving the required product
quality. It is the responsibility of senior management to lead by example in
regard to these company principles and monitor compliance.

The system and all processes are aimed at preventing errors and learning
from any errors that are made.