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topex systems are well known for their reliability and prolonged service lives. In the unlikely event of a breakdown,
however, we have put together a comprehensive service package to enable you to resume production in the
minimum of time. Meanwhile, if you are seeking information about labelling, laser marking or component recognition,
you will find definitions of the most important specialised terms here. We have, moreover, compiled a list of useful
and even amusing links to a number of interesting websites.

topex contact persons

Markus Sterr

Tel.: +49 (0)70 26 / 93 16 -21
E-Mail: m.sterr@topex.de

Timo Hirn

Tel.: +49 (0)70 26 / 93 16 -28
E-Mail: t.hirn@topex.de

Klaus Schwenkel

Tel.: +49 (0)70 26 / 93 16 -29
E-Mail: k.schwenkel@topex.de