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Fully automatic steel coil marking



  • Marking steel coils within a production line fully automatically
  • Applying two labels at different labelling positions
  • Steel coil diameters of 600 mm - 2000 mm
  • Labelling surface slightly oily
  • Harsh/dirty industrial environment
  • Integration of topex labelling system control technology into existing host computer and production control system


  • topex 7162-12-300 thermo transfer label printer
  • KUKA six-axis robot system
  • Integrated vacuum plate for applying labels on steel coils
  • Sensor technology for detecting coil diameter and coil edge
  • Scanner for verifying printed barcode
  • Machine frame with protective covering and associated safety technology
  • Higher-level Siemens S7 control system for controlling all function sequences
  • Profibus interface for communicating with the host computer and transferring a range of printing information
  • Matching label material in DIN A5 format, with special adhesive for oily surfaces
  • Integration and commissioning of complete system