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Tags – for durability

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A variety of tags are used, depending on the application and heat resistance required. In their basic form, they are largely identical. A steel strip, 76 mm or 102 mm wide, is provided with a special coating and punched at predefined intervals. At the same time, rounded corners and punch-holes are removed from the strips of sheet metal. For the most part, the tags are made of stainless steel, whose coating is formulated to suit the intended application. In essence, a distinction is made between the following types:

Heat resistant metal tags made of 0.2 mm thick stainless steel. Heat resistant
up to

1000°C (high temperature tags),
760°C (medium temperature tags)
400°C (low temperature tags).

Secured by means of spot, butt or MIG welding
Special metal tags for hot dip galvanizing.

Resistant to acids and alkalis, e.g. zinc chloride, ammonium chloride, hydrochloric acid (24%), sulphuric acid (20%), sodium hydroxide
Temperature resistant from -30° to 760°C
Zinc bath temperatures: from 450° to 540°C
Special metal tags for pickling and heat treatment. Resistant to:

20% sulphuric acid at 82°C (2 hours)
24% hydrochloric acid at 38°C (2 hours)
Heat treatment at 760°C (48 hours)
Heat treatment at 820°C (2 hours)
Coloured, heat resistant tags made of stainless steel.

Heat resistant to 982°C (2 hours), or 927°C (2 weeks)
Available in four colours: yellow, red, green, blue
In addition to standard products, there are numerous tags specially adapted for special applications, e.g.

  • Tempering in a hydrogen atmosphere at 750°
  • Tempering in oil at 950°