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Tube marking

Unique marking of plastic parts using thermo transfer-printed labels

Tube marking by means of robot system

Colour thermo transfer film
Tubes are given a unique marking using a thermo transfer-printed Data Matrix code on a label. This takes place by means of an all-around application on the entire tube circumference.

The operator moves the empty racks onto the feeding conveyor manually. The racks are secured in the processing position. At the same time, a tube is separated from the vibration conveyor and the robot gripper moves it to the transfer position. A label is printed in line with the specifications and made available on the vacuum unit. The robot gripper moves to the label with the tube. A rotary motion applies the label 360º around the tube. The robot gripper moves to the camera system and the Data Matrix code is check-read. The labelled tube is then placed in the appropriate position in the rack. Once the racks are full, they are transported from the processing area via a transport conveyor and the tubes are then removed manually by the operator.

Advantages of thermo transfer printing

  • High printing speed
  • Good to excellent print quality with a resolution of 300 dpi
  • Open interface architecture
  • Resistant to mechanical and chemical stress (with use of appropriate labels and thermo transfer ribbons)