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Automotive industry

Fully automatic marking of vehicle bodies within an assembly line


After being painted, the vehicle bodies are delivered to the labelling station on a workpiece conveyor. The label is applied to the A-pillar by means of a five-axis buckling arm robot. Due to the tolerance of the body on the workpiece conveyor, the precise position on the A-pillar must be determined by a corresponding sensor system. To prevent potential damage from the direct application of the label, it is blown onto the body by a blow-box. The label has been specially developed for this application and, after final assembly, can be removed without trace.


  • topex 1300-12-300 thermo transfer labelling machine
  • Five-axis buckling arm robot
  • Sensor system for A-pillar recognition
  • Blow-box with distance sensor
  • Data provided by the customer's Siemens S7 PLC
  • Scanner check reading
Application of label to the A-pillar
Label in position
View of the factory