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topex quality is in demand throughout the world. That's why, with our own network of agents, associates and dealers in Europe, America and Asia, we are able to ensure that products and services bearing the topex name are available on a local basis throughout the world. In all the important markets.

China - Shenyang

Shenyang Liwei Industrial Equipment Co.,LTD 
(FAW-VW RFID-LabelCenter -> Sales & service)

Fumin Nan Street No. 6-03, Hunnan New Area, Shenyang, China

Name: 名称: Xue Hu 胡雪
Email: 电子邮: huxue(at)
Tel.: 电话:+86 (0)24-88020899

China - Beijing

PC Automation Co., Ltd. Beijing
(topex labeling & labeling systems -> sales & service)

Room 514, Xincailiao Chuangye Mansion,
7 Fenghuizhonglu Road, Beijing, 100094,P.R. China

Email: 电子邮件
Tel.: 电话:+86 10 5871 1583
Fax: 传真:+86 10 5871 7265
Mobile: 手机:+86 186 0003 2410

E-Mail: sales(at)


BTS International, LLC
The Industrial Service & Spare Parts Solution (Service/Vertrieb)

10815 John Price Road, Suite A
28273 Charlotte, NC
Tel: +1 704 971 6969
Fax: +1 704 971 6966
E-Mail: topexusa(at)