RFID Label

Production and testing systems

Customised RFID assembly, finishing and testing? You're in good hands with topex!

We offer our customers a clear advantage in realising customised, project-specific projects.

Automated RFID assembly, finishing and testing applications

  • Finishing of pre-assembled smart labels
  • Customised solutions for testing smart labels


Automation concepts with:

  • Feeding of pre-assembled smart label rolls
  • Quality check of the RFID chip/UID check
  • Reading and writing of smart labels with variable data
  • Thermal transfer printing of smart labels with variable data
  • Digital printing using the DoD (drop-on-demand) process for smart labels with variable data and subsequent UV curing
  • Reject function for "bad tags"
  • Label roll winding with 100 % tested smart labels
  • Station concepts with protective cover 
  • Cutting-edge control concepts, e.g. Siemens S7
  • Integration into existing control environments
  • Implementation of the data interfaces, e.g. TCP/IP or ProfiNet

Application reports

Take a look at our labelling systems, designed and developed according to customer requirements and project-specific needs.

Digital printing and inscribing of RFID labels

Fully automatic label unwinding, digital printing, DMC checking, RFID inscribing/reading using a topex labelling system