Transfer foil

For perfect printing

The key to obtaining an ideal printing result is an optimum match between the thermal transfer foil and the label material.

We have the expertise to offer you the right combination of label material, thermal transfer ribbon and printer for your application.

Be it wax, wax/resin or resin film, we will find the perfect match. We have the necessary system know-how and, of course, the most suitable labels.

Thermo-Transfer foil wax 

(Flathead Near Edge) 

  • For sharply contoured barcodes, texts and graphics
  • Versatile use for paper and foil
  • Acceptable smudge resistance

Thermo-Transfer foil wax/resin

(Flathead Near Edge)

  • For high-resolution barcodes, texts and graphics
  • High-resolution printing at high printing speeds
  • Suitable for paper and foil
  • Good smudge and scratch resistance

Thermo-Transfer foil resin

(Flathead Near Edge)

  • Especially for printing rating plates
  • Excellent printing results on foil
  • Absolute smudge and scratch resistance
  • Extremely heat-resistant (up to 250 ° C)

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