Functional labels

For a wide variety of uses

These special labels take on the functional properties of conventionally assembled components and serve to support or optimise a wide variety of manufacturing processes. 

Self-adhesive functional components – in many cases the best and most economical solution.

Design/delivery forms

  • Functional stamped parts, e.g. spacers made of special materials
  • Sealing and cushioning materials 
  • Insulating materials or heat conducting foils
  • Paint protection and surface protection labels
  • Adhesive foils
  • Self-adhesive pressure compensation elements (PCEs)

Application examples

Paint protection labels

Single or multi-layer protection whilst painting takes place, with optional removal aids or other suitable devices to facilitate handling.

Surface protection labels

To protect screens and sensitive surfaces from dirt and mechanical influence – easily detachable, removable without leaving a residue, optionally with manual removal aid.

Masking labels

To protect openings from foreign bodies or similar. Firmly adhesive or removable without leaving a residue, depending on the application.

Self-adhesive seals

Precisely stamped and tailored to the sealing surface. Available in different thicknesses and materials – customised for the specific purpose.

Self-adhesive spacers

For defined distances between components, e.g. in casting processes or in the e-mobility environment, for keeping individual battery modules separate.

Self-adhesive pressure compensation elements (PCEs)

Prevent the penetration of liquids such as water, oil or fuel, and at the same time ensure rapid pressure equalisation, e.g. in electronic housings.

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