Logistics and Packaging

Labelling systems for logistics and packaging

In logistics, clear product marking and reliable identification are vital. Charges are only justified if the right part arrives at the right place at the right time. Our systems will support you in achieving this objective.

Pallet labelling

Flexible, fully automatic pallet labelling unit.



Side labelling during run-through

Printing and application of labels on the sides of different-sized cardboard boxes.



Fully automatic pallet marking

Marking of pallets in a packaging line.



Plastic bucket labelling

Labelling of oval plastic buckets in different sizes and with a 2.5 - 10 l capacity. Printing data provided in PDF format; integration into existing transport line.



Printing and labelling of shipping pallets

Labels are applied by a 6-axis robot system.



Pallet labelling on a small footprint

Fully automatic pallet labelling unit in the post-packaging area.