Guiding principles

Our action guidelines

We aim to abide by the following action guidelines:


1. We are guided by the quality and environmental standards of our international customers and by their ethical standards. Our organisation is based on the active participation of all our employees with regard to corporate responsibility within their specialist area. For us, this means in particular maximising benefits for all concerned:

Interested parties

2. We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty by offering top quality products and services. We do this via verbal, written and, increasingly, electronic communication channels. Our goal is to make the consumers of our products (machines, consumables, services) into not only satisfied customers, but also advocates for our products and therefore our company.

3. We bear the responsibility for achieving our corporate goals both individually and together. As part of its activities, every team in the company sets itself quantifiable goals which can be incorporated into the company's overall strategy and which are used to formulate appropriate action points. We inform all our employees and the public bodies concerned of starting points, goals and results with regard to product responsibility, environmental protection, occupational safety, energy efficiency, plant safety and hazard prevention.

4. We aim to ensure appropriate training and expertise of all employees and to continually increase staff satisfaction. To this end, we offer regular internal and external training and regular employee appraisals, team meetings, etc. Cooperative internal communication between all employees is crucial for us, for our success and for staff satisfaction.

5. Our services begin with goal-oriented customer advice at the start of each project. Even at the initial concept stage of a project, we aim to meet the customer's required technical specifications and take into account the environmental effects at the earliest possible design stage. Our project managers support our customers throughout the whole duration of the project and beyond. They ensure that any problems are dealt with quickly in line with customer requirements and expectations. Our goal must be to ensure that our labelling systems fully deliver the results that our customers require.

6. Each team is an internal suppler and customer of the other teams. This means that all employees continually review their work with a critical eye and notify their contact persons immediately in case of any problems or anomalies.

7. We work with qualified suppliers and maintain an equitable relationship with them. Our goal is long-term, partnership-based cooperation. This allows us to successfully resolve any problems that arise for all parties involved.

8. We aim to reduce costs through comprehensive error prevention. We must not allow errors to recur, and use improvement measures to ensure this. We employ techniques such as FMEA (failure mode and effect analyses), risk assessments and CIP (continual improvement processes).

9. We continually compare ourselves with our competitors. We can only keep our company going in the long term if we avoid unfavourable trends and consistently pursue new developments without undue delay. Positive trends and changes are adopted into our company policy.

10. All legal and other obligations must be observed by each one of us. We take the necessary precautions against accidents and faults. Ensuring health & safety and environmental protection are at the top of our list of priorities. We all contribute towards the improvement of safety measures. Everyone is responsible for occupational safety in their own department. Regulations and instructions must be strictly observed. Emphasis is placed on minimising risks for employees and the environment, and on continual improvement of occupational safety and operational environmental protection.

11. We treat each other fairly and respectfully. We deal politely and professionally with all team members and third parties as a matter of course.