Special labels

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Labels that do more

Highly resistant materials and extremely strong adhesives allow parts with problematic surfaces for tough environmental conditions to be bonded. Easily detachable labels or ones that can be removed without leaving a residue are also possible – whatever your specifications, we match them precisely.

Wide range of properties and functions

  • With security features such as safety perforations, etc.
  • Water soluble labels
  • High temperature-resistant labels
  • UV-resistant labels
  • Rating plate labels
  • Combination labels
  • Special designs with non-stick zones, perforations or grip strips


Application examples

Self-adhesive labels for cast metal surfaces

The right adhesive is crucial – extremely strong adhesives ensure an optimum bond between the label and the cast metal surface. Selecting the correct type of adhesive enables reliable, permanent bonding, even if there is some residue on the product surface.

Self-adhesive sealing and cushioning materials

Foamed elastomers, high performance sealing materials, electrical insulation materials, soft metals or ferrous metals, felts and many other materials are available – we will find the right solution for you.

Self-adhesive, tamper-evident solutions for folding cartons

We offer labels made of foil or paper materials as protection against manipulation or tampering. These materials either have a special adhesive strength, which leaves the surface of the folding carton visibly damaged if an attempt is made to peel the label off, or consist of special materials and designs which are destroyed if tampered with.

Another option in this field are VOID labels, which involve a special adhesive mixture that is left behind on the product surface if the label is removed, e.g. in a chessboard pattern.

Self-adhesive laser foils

As endless rolls or cut parts – for processing with Nd:YAG, vanadate and fibre laser systems or CO2 laser sources. Our foils are highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, temperature and aging. The acrylic adhesive used also bonds very well to low energy surfaces.



Burn-off foils
The marking is created by removing the top layer of colour with the laser. Both marking and format cutting are carried out in one step by the laser.

Colour change foils
Contactless laser marking takes place within the material compound under a transparent protective film. The process releases zero emissions and the finished tags are particularly scratch-resistant and robust.


  • Precise and high contrast marking
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, solvents, heat and weathering
  • Cannot be removed without being destroyed
  • Great flexibility in label design

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