LM 5500 laser foil module

Easy to integrate:
module for the 5000 series

With this module, you can turn your topex workstation into an unsurpassed, specialised system for foil marking.

LM 5500 labeling module

Discover incredible diversity
Our high performance solution for flexible label handling meets the toughest demands for reliability, service life and safety. Ideal for heavy duty industrial use in multi-shift operation.


Impressive performance spectrum

  • Marking and formatting of endless laser foil
  • Marking of pre-cut laser labels after technical inspection
  • Electrical cutter for the production of individual labels and sets of tags
  • Vacuum chamber below the marking surface ensures flat positioning of the label material and thus highest precision
  • Foil economy mode: material retraction to zero edge
  • Software module for segmenting large labels (> 120 mm)
  • Software module for cut optimisation
  • Roll diameter up to 300 mm

Technical data

DesignLabel unwinding device with integrated loop control
Adjustable label conveyor guide
Vacuum chamber for fixing the label material
Vacuum chamber adjustable to label size
Foil transportStepper motor
Friction unit
Position accuracy ± 0.2 mm
Dimensions500x250 mm (LxW)
Weight: 21 kg
Foil roll dimensionsCore diameter: 40/76/100 mm
Max. outer diameter: 300 mm 
Max. label width: 120 mm
Pre-cut labels on request
Foil materialColour change foil
Burn-off foil
Electrical dataVoltage: 24 V
Ambient conditionsTemperature: 5-45 °C
Air humidity: 10-90%
Control equipmentEnd of foil
Foil jam
Vacuum monitoring
Vacuum generationIntegrated vacuum module
OptionsElectrically operated cutter
Motorised roll/roll device
Sensor for single label detection
Vacuum inserts for different material widths

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