RFID marking

Contactless identification with RFID systems

With our topex RFID systems, products and transport carriers can be recorded quickly and without errors. For our customers, we use different RFID systems with high availability, reliability and functionality. We will help you get started in RFID technology and share our expertise with you.

RFID labels
RFID labels are equipped with a transponder consisting of a small computer chip with an antenna. Data can be recorded, stored and read out via a read/write unit. No visual contact is necessary for the reading process between the read unit and the data carrier.

RFID has become well established in the industrial sector. As a standalone technology, or in combination with, for example, conventional and proven thermal transfer marking technology, or laser marking, a wide range of potential solutions are available.

RFID technology enables fast and reliable identification of products along the entire manufacturing and value chain.
topex RFID solutions are already in continuous use in industrial applications worldwide, sometimes under extreme conditions, e.g. for the marking and identification of pallets, automotive parts or safety-related parts in aviation or shipping.

By installing an RFID read/write unit – integrated in the thermal transfer print head – an RFID-capable complete system can be configured from any topex 7000 standard printer. At topex, we focus on concepts involving complete systems. Matched label material with integrated transponder and corresponding RFID reading systems are also available from the topex range.

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RFID labeling solutions

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RFID – special machines

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RFID label – production and testing systems

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