Rating plates for pumps

Combined laser/special machine for laser marking of anodised aluminium tags


  • Separation and variable marking of anodised aluminium tags, with subsequent, fully automatic application of protective laminate to the rating plate.
  • After the data matrix code has been read back, the rating plates are stored in corresponding order boxes.  
  • The rating plates are attached to the pumps manually.
  • After the pump has been painted, the protective laminate is removed manually.
  • The content of the rating plate can then be read again.



  • Nd:YAG laser for label marking
  • Fully automatic topex 7000 label dispenser with pneumatic vacuum handling system for application of the protective laminate 
  • Automatic unstacking magazine for the blank tags
  • Automatic feeding of the blank tags into the laser marking area
  • Pneumatic pick-and-place handling for removing the marked rating plates from the feed rail and transferring them to the order boxes
  • Automatic topex TM5200 rating plate feeder
  • Machine frame with laser protective cover according to laser protection class 1
  • Extraction system for particle dust
  • Data matrix reader
  • Siemens S7-1200 controller for controlling the machine processes
  • C# software program for connecting the system to the customer's database 

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